Refractory Lining Vibrators

Refractory Lining Vibrators


Stead Fast Engineers (P) Ltd. offers an innovative technology for foundries and steel industry to line the Coreless Induction Furnaces with dry refractory material.

Virtually automates the lining process, largely overcoming the problems associated with the conventional manual lining process, due to human components like error, attitude and fatigue.

Lining capacity : 10 Tons and above

The Refractory Dispensing Machine

his machine dispenses and distributes a uniform thin layer (2.0 Inch) of dry refractory material, slowly and evenly between wall of the Furnace and the former, while simultaneously forking the material. This mechanical forking completely de-aerates the material to produce a denser lining.

Lining Capacity : 2-9 Tons

Bottom Vibration Plate

Bottom Vibration Plate is equipped with two electric eccentric vibrators. Dry refractory is fully vibrated in about 12 minutes, in one operation, achieving perfect compaction and even, flat bottom.

InstaCentr Tools

A set of spacing tools is used to install the former, exactly in the center of the furnace coil, in about 10 minutes. Placement of the former at the exact center is crucial to achieve uniform lining thickness, around the former. It ensures uniform lining erosion during melting, improving lining life and eliminating chances of premature lining failure due to uneven erosion.

Three Legged Vibrator

This equipment, equipped with a pneumatic cylinder, three electric eccentric vibrators, one on each leg and, vibrates the side walls mainly in the tapered section of the former. This process takes about 10-15 minutes and completes the lining process, achieving perfect compaction by releasing any trapped air in the refractory material.


  • Denser Lining by continuous mechanical forking
  • Uniform Lining thickness
  • Consistent Lining quality
  • Density of Lining is uniform throughout the shell
  • Reduced Lining time
  • Reduced labour
  • Absolutely Pollution free
  • Less incidents of Lining failure
  • Easy and smooth working